Why ‘Yupo Paper’ ?

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I paint with Pinata on Yupo.  If you are not familiar with the medium, it is an alcohol based paint that works best on a non-porous surface, which is why I work on Yupo. The Pinata allows me to retain the vibrancy of freshly laid paint, giving it almost a glass like quality. I am asked what is Yupo Paper. The first paragraph is from Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies and the second is from Yupo Corp. There is a lot of buzz about Yupo Watercolor Paper. Yupo isn’t even a paper at all. It is a sheet of plastic… actually a state-of-the-art synthetic material offering all the attributes of the highest quality papers with the added benefits of extraordinary durability. This extraordinary durability, excellent wear, stain, chemical, and tear resistant properties combined with a superior finish result in a sheet ideally suited for a variety of applications however, it excels in aquamedia usage. Yupo’s primary material is polypropylene, giving it the outstanding durability and strength of plastic film, combined with the special properties of natural paper. Super Smooth, pH Neutral and and an ultra bright white surface make Yupo Watercolor Paper a wonderful addition to your watercolor art supplies.Since there are no trees required in the processing of Yupo the use of this innovative material further supports my interest in preservation and conservation of nature. Yupo is 100 percent recyclable. Our Forest, Seas, and Air Yupo Corporation America is vigilant about preserving and protecting our vital natural resources in the manufacture of YUPO Synthetic Papers. YUPO is a 100% “tree-free” product, containing neither timber nor any other organic fiber. As such, YUPO contributes to the preservation of our natural timber resources. YUPO Synthetic Paper generates no detectable amounts of sulfur, chlorine, nitrogen, or dioxin gases when properly incinerated and generates less heat energy compared to other plastics. Yupo Corporation America is a proud sponsor of and is endorsed by the Waterless Printing Association, an international organization dedicated to the reduction and eventual elimination of water in the printing process. No ozone layer threatening emissions result from the manufacturing process. 100% Recyclable YUPO Synthetic Paper is a category 5 polypropylene (PP) plastic film and is 100% recyclable. Due to its exceptional durability, YUPO normally enters the waste stream at a far slower rate than conventional paper and will remain inert in any approved landfill. Safely incinerated in a modern facility with an atmosphere of excess oxygen, YUPO will yield only water, carbon dioxide and...

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