Artist’s Statement

I love color!

I am inspired by the riotous colors of spring in the Midwest, the hot golden sunshine of Mexico, the deep, cool blues of California’s coastal waters.

I paint with Piñata paints on Yupo paper.   Piñata is an alcohol-based paint that works best on a non-porous surface, which is why I choose Yupo paper. The Piñata allows me to retain the vibrancy and richness of freshly laid paint, giving my work an almost glass like quality.

I love to create!  Give me pots of paints, bright fabrics, soft yarns- you name it, I can barely contain my joy and desire to create something beautiful and fun.

I believe that my paintings truly express my inner self, my desire to help the viewers, smile and get inside of themselves. To make them realize their need to dance, to laugh, to enjoy.